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Scripture Songs
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Welcome to TIGIT Music

We are dedicated to bringing you original Scripture Music that will help you keep the Word of God in your heart. Our effort has been to put the book of Matthew into song for your pleasure and to memorize scripture.

So, ON YOUR MARK (or should we say Matthew?), GET SET, GO!
Get set for scripture memorization. Explore the TIGIT Music website. Here's a quick preview of what you will find...

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Click the player button at the left to hear a sample of one of our Scripture Memory Songs (some browsers require two clicks). Our entire collection of songs can be found on the Music page.





Click on the note in the Music button at the top of the page to locate and purchase original scripture music, which will (God willing) eventually contain lyrics word-for-word from the entire book of Matthew.

Click on the note in the Scripture Memorization button to find out how to use the TIGIT Scripture Music as an aide to memorizing Scripture.

Click on the note in the About TIGIT button to find out exactly what a TIGIT is, and how they can be used to memorize Scripture.

Click on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for important information that will help you to memorize scripture using TIGIT music and the TIGIT website. There you will find essential information on downloading songs, Scripture memorization tips, and more.

Contact Us if you have any unanswered questions, or if you just want to send us a nice note - we like those too. Click on the TIGIT Music logo in the upper corner to get our contact information.

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Last Updated
22 November 2013